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Part L calculator

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You can get an idea of the minimum system required for your house design to meet the renewable energy obligations under Part L. Please note you may need additional panels to conform with requirements for Carbon and Energy Performance

Because electricity is such a premium source of energy, it is very easy and cost effective to meet and exceed the Part L requirement for renewables using solar PV panels. You will need a system that can produce at least 4kwHrs per year per sq m of floor space.

To meet Part L renewable energy requirements, your house will need a system with peak output of at least  _ _ _ _ _ _ _  W.
Please click HERE to look for kits and find a kit with peak power above  _ _ _ _ _ _ _  watts.

We cannot take responsibility for errors in calculating your energy requirements.
Please Contact Us and verify the calculations presented.

The following options allow you to enter your roof pitch, orientation, shading factor and house size to calculate the minimum number of panels required. Shading factor is as per Table H3 in DEAP standards.

Table H3 Solartricity
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