Installation of a Photovoltaic system is quite straightforward for any competent roofer and electrician. We provide comprehensive installation manuals, videos and information whether you want on-roof or roof integrated. For builders of large developments, we can install one system and provide on-site training in the process.

For those who prefer the system installed, whether residential or industrial, we offer a range of installation services from “supply and support” to complete turnkey packages.

Our range of mounting systems ensure the ability to fix panels to almost any type of roof or surface without compromising surface integrity. We have experience with:

  • On-roof for residential,
  • Roof integrated for a more visually aesthetic finish
  • Flat roof mounting systems for factories and apartments
  • Steel roof mountings for both industrial and farm sheds.
Installation and test panels
All our household installations are done using proper roof flashings
All our household installations are done using proper roof flashings. We never drill through tiles or slates to use coachbolt fittings. These are prohibited under UK MCS standards.

We can be as hands-on as you like in relation to installation and offer the following options:

Complete turnkey installation service

Full supply and installation of systems for both commercial and domestic projects.

Supply and fit on Roof

We supply the panels and fit them on the roof with the wires leading through to the property. When the property is ready, the onsite electrician connects the wires to the inverter and hooks up the grid.

Supply and technical support

Many roofers and electricians are familiar with the installation of solar PV systems. They may prefer to offer this service as part of their contract, in which case we are happy to offer supply only on kits with the provision of technical support to roofers and electricians as required. We can also provide training manuals and videos to ensure that the system is clearly understood.

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