How many panels should I install on my garage?

<p>We are currently building a new house and plan to put PV panels on the south facing roof of the garage. What is the most cost effective number of PV panels to go with? The house is 285m with an air source heat pump and an electric AGA range cooker. The garage roof has a 35 degree pitch.</p>

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Because there are some fixed costs, the cost per panel goes down the more panels you have. Many people feel an 8 panel system is a sensible system size, but it really depends on what you need. If you are at home during the day and use power for washing machines, computers etc., then you will save a fair amount of electricity that would otherwise be bought, but the big problem in Ireland is that we don’t presently get paid for surplus power exported. That situation is expected to change later this year, and at that point it will make sense to put in a larger system. 
However, many people use a device like an Immersun to divert the surplus electricity to your immersion for free hot water. 
I would talk to your BER assessor before putting in the electric range. An electric secondary heating system will bring your EPC and CPC very high in the DEAP software used for BER assessment. If you do get this range, you will most likely need more panels to meet the requirements in DEAP


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