Using the panels for electricity and heating

 I am at the stage of building a new house (2400 sq ft)- no work started yet and I am at the quote stage.
My plan would be to use solar to provide hot water and heating either through UFH or radiators and use the electricity.
I have access to all the timber I want and plan to use a range / stove to heat the water as well – is this enough to fullfill my home heat needs ? what kind of prices am I looking at ?.
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I personally us timber via a range to heat my home. It is sufficient, but of course,if you are away and come back, you do have to light a fire – you don’t have push-button heating. 
I usually counsel against using solar to heat a house. By all means, use it to heat your water so have free hot water during summer when you aren’t bothered to light the range. I would put in a 2kw or 3kw system. The hardware for each would be about €2400 and €3600 respectively plus VAT. Installation about another €600 on top if done by the builder while building the house. You would also need an Immersun device to divert surplus electricity to your cylinder and/or heating system. 


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