Solar panels in Ireland

Do the want to lower the energy bills? Have you thought about having solar panels installed? Solartricity is a solar PV panel supplier, that supplies a large number of solar panels in Ireland, to residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Our solar photovoltaic panels have a range of benefits to home and business owners. This mainly due to them being cost-effective and environmentally friendly. With our solar panels in Ireland, you will be saving money as well as having the satisfaction of knowing you are benefiting the environment.

PV panels absorb natural light rays from the sun in order to generate the electricity in your house or commercial premises. As an energy source, solar is truly renewable, meaning the source has no end. Solar is more environmentally friendly than coal and other sources of energy, and this is because the source is renewable.

All of the solar panels we provide are thoroughly tested before being supplied and installed, and this is to ensure only superior quality. Our panels are certified EN 61216 and have a production guarantee of 25-years and a manufacturers’ guarantee of 10-years. The solar panels are categorized as Bloomberg New Energy Finance Tier 1, meaning they’re made by a reputable supplier to the highest quality.

Some people dislike the look and colour of the solar panels when installed to their premises, which is why we also have black-framed panels. These panels look more aesthetically appealing, and will look better than ordinary panels. To see our range of solar PV panels, you can head to the Solar Panels Ireland page.

The installation of solar panels is quite straightforward for a competent roofer or electrician, and to assist, we provide comprehensive installation manuals and videos. This means you can either arrange for the solar panels to be installed by another installer, or have our installation team fit them for you.

Do you need solar panels for your home? Contact Solartricity for your solar panels in Ireland, on 01 864 3721 or you can input all relevant information into the required fields of our Contact Form, and we’ll look to respond to the enquiry as soon as possible.