Solar PV Panels in Ireland

Solar Photovoltaic panels were originally intended for remote or off-grid use with battery storage backup. In this way, they powered satellites, lighthouses and places where it was expensive to get electricity from the grid.

The rollout of solar farms using solar pv panels to generate electricity for the grid has brought the price of solar PV panels in Ireland down so much that they are now an attractive option for solar electricity to run houses or businesses or even for heating water, providing maintenance-free solar hot water.

Solartricity sells solar photovoltaic panels in Ireland that are manufactured to the highest standards by companies that are at the very top of the Bloomberg Tier 1 list for solar panel manufacturer assessment. Using Solartricity solar pv panels in Ireland, you can rest assured that the panels will continue to supply electricity without maintenance for 25 years or more.

Solartricity solar pv panels in Ireland are also at a low price point compared to many of our competitors. We are a wholesale supplier buying directly from manufacturers in container quantity to ensure we have the lowest price solar pv panels in Ireland without compromising quality.

Whether you are looking for solar photovoltaic panels in Ireland for manufacturing industry, cold storage, offices, warehousing or your home, we have the expertise to ensure that the solar PV panel system we design is optimised to maximise your return on investment.

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